Upcoming Sermons


                       Sermon Series: An Outlandish Jesus

20                         Mark 1:16-20; 2:13-15            Jesus: Worst Recruiter

27                         Mark 2:15-17                            Jesus: Worst Social Judgment


3                                              Guest Preacher (Rev. Gaylene Chrystie)

10                                            Guest Preacher (Rev. Joey Stewart)

17                                Mark 4:26-32                          Jesus: Worst Teaching Style

24                                Mark 8:31-9:8                         Jesus: Questionable Messiah


Sermon Series: Faithful Waiting

1                                  Luke 21:25-36                         Power in Waiting

8                                  Luke 3:1-6                               Waiting in the Desert

15                                            Choir Cantata

22                                Luke 3:7-18                             Waiting and Acting

29                                            Carol Sunday


Upcoming Worship Services

All Saints Day — November 3

This is a Sunday in which we honor those who have gone before us.  Our service will include a time to remember those who have died in the last year and recognize members who are on our Wall of Remembrance.  This time will be included during our prayer time and include a responsive reading of the saints.

Veterans Sunday — November 10

This is a Sunday we recognize our Veterans in the church and in our country.  We will have a special liturgy to offer support and encouragement of our Veterans in prayer and in response.  This time in the service will precede our prayer time in the service.