The Presence of God

Oil Lamp — At the beginning of each worship service, an oil lamp is lit and placed on the altar by a child in the congregation. In biblical times, oil lamps were used to symbolize God’s presence in the midst of darkness, ever moving, ever shining, ever warm. Rush Creek continues the tradit

ion as the child bringing the lamp represents the child-like faith Christ says we need to experience Him.


Rush Creek Cross — The cross hanging at the front of the sanctuary symbolizes two very important meanings of Jesus. The hanging Christ on the cross represents the sacrifice of His life, yet the open space of His image represents the risen Christ who continues to offer us hope and strength.


Altar Table and Communion Pottery — The altar table is also our communion table and represents a common meal and fellowship to all who believe and follow Jesus. The pottery of the plate, cup and pitcher are central symbols our worship life. These particular symbols help us connected directly to God through the risen Christ who reaches out to us in love.

The Bible — The sanctuary Bible represents the centrality of God’s Word in our weekly worship services. The weekly Bible passage forms a thread that connects the whole service through music, preaching, and prayer.