The Design of our Worship Service

Our worship service has five parts that are reflective of how worship has been designed for centuries. The five parts of our weekly service include the following:

  1. The Gathering — We celebrate the presence of God with praise and thanksgiving.
  2. The Prayer — We engage God and one another with prayers for ourselves, the church, and the world.
  3. The Word — We read, reflect, and hear the Bible proclaimed for our daily lives.
  4. The Table — We approach the table of Christ to give our offerings and to celebrate the bread and cup with communion.
  5. The Parting — We are invited to leave worship taking the love of God with us out into the world to share.

The Feel of our Worship Service

The worship space was uniquely designed to to create a feeling of both warmth and awe. The elements of stone, wood, natural light, and height provide a blend of sensing the mystery of God and being closely connected to one another. That same feel is communicated through the order of our worship service. The order has a deep connection to the history of worship through the ages. One would also feel an informality to our worship with the open sharing of our prayers and the connecting of hands at the end of our service. The other great trait of our service is the smell of fresh bread that is made for communion.

Participation in our Worship Service

We feel it important to be a part of the worship service and not merely a spectator to worship. You will be invited to sing songs, engage in prayer through spoken and silent prayers, and partaking of the bread and cup during communion. Our connection to God is strengthened when we engage with God rather than letting others engage for us.

Special Occasions in our Worship Service

Throughout the year we have special occasions that give additional meaning to our worship services:

  • Baby Dedications — We do not baptize infants. We do dedicate young babies. This special service is part of the wider service on Sunday morning and includes the parents, family, and congregation. It is a way for a child to be supported by the wider family of faith to nurture that child in the Christian faith.
  • Baptisms — Baptisms are done for older children, youth, and adults. Young people begin to be baptized around 4th grade up through adult age. Baptism is a special covenant service in which a person decides to a have a deeper commitment to God through Christ in a life of discipleship. Baptism in our church is done by a person being fully immersed in water as a sign of new life in Christ. Baptisms are also done in the midst of the regular worship service.
  • Faith Rededications — There are times when a person feels the urge to recommit their lives to Christ. A person can go through a special rededication service to renew their relationship to God through Christ. This type of service is also done in the regular worship service.

Seasonal Worship Services

The year is filled with all kinds of special services that heighten our connect to God and our discipleship of Jesus Christ. Below is a list of services important to Rush Creek Christian Church:

  • Ash Wednesday
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Sunrise and Regular Easter
  • Pentecost
  • Memorial Sunday
  • World Communion
  • All Saints Day
  • Hanging of the Greens
  • Choir Cantata
  • Service of Remembrance and Hope
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Carol Sunday
  • Youth Sundays (two a year)