We Welcome You

What is the purpose of the church? It is to be a living reflection of Jesus Christ. One of the first things Jesus did as he began his ministry was to surround himself with disciples. These disciples became the group of people that supported his work. They also became the future storytellers of Jesus’ message when he was gone. The church is still about the task of sharing the message of Jesus. This work does not happen alone. The church fulfills its mission as a community of believers with many gifts and abilities. We accomplish far more together than we could ever do alone. We believe our story is to be a house of prayer for all people helping live out the Kingdom of God on earth. As part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we seek to do our faithful work with the best of our hearts and minds. We want to the share the good news of Jesus Christ from our doorsteps to the ends of the earth. There is a place for you to join the story of Christ’s people in God’s house. We are strengthened when we add to the gifts and abilities of new people. Everyone has a part to play in God’s story of love and peace.


The Core Component of the Church’s Life

  • Worship – Our desire is to give glory to God with our thanksgiving and praise. We worship God weekly guided by scripture, celebrating communion, offering songs of praise, listening to God’s Word, and strengthening our relationship to God through prayer.
  • Prayer – We seek for prayer to be a founding element to all we do in the life of the church. We practice two forms of prayer: 1) letting God to speak to us, and 2) us speaking to God.
  • Study – We offer study and learning opportunities for people of all ages. The church desires for all people to grow in their relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and with others.
  • Outreach – In humility we are compelled to reach out in concern for others. We do this through a blend of monetary gifts and hands-on projects. The church’s mission is to be a witness to the world in which we are called to serve.
  • Fellowship – Joy is found in sharing life with people of similar beliefs and values. We can enjoy the company of others and be strengthened by their friendship and support. We offer many ways to connect and find meaningful relationships in the church.
  • Giving – Everyone is invited to share their gifts to strengthen the life of the church. This is a combination of our spiritual gifts and financial gifts to support the many ministries and programs of the congregation.

We hope you will join us at Rush Creek to grow in faith, serve others, and enrich the purpose of your life.

What to Expect at Rush Creek Christian Church

welcome-center01The cornerstone of our church reads, “A House of Prayer for All People.” We seek for Rush Creek to be a place of welcome and hospitality. You will discover in your time at Rush Creek the

  • Men and Women with RED shirts. They are Nethinims (servants of the church). They can help with questions and assist with Sunday morning logistics and welcome.
  • We offer a fresh cup of hot coffee that can be found down in the middle of our education wing.
  • Our worship can be followed by our weekly bulletin that provides the order of the service.
    • We offer a children’s worship for children ages 3 through 1st grade (I 0:50am service only).
    • We celebrate communion every week and we practice an open communion and all are invited to share in communion who are followers of Jesus.
  • Our hope is to make you feel at home with us. Please ask questions and pick up additional helpful information at the Welcome Center (high counter outside the sanctuary).
  • Don’t leave without a fresh loaf of bread that is our gift to you for being with us today. You may get one from an Elder or the Welcome Center.


The Church by the Creek

by Don Martin

Come close, and let me tell you,
Of a place we went today,
A place of warmth and friendship,
A place to sing and pray,

A place where people gather,
To experience joy and love,
A place to feel much closer,
To our gracious God above,

A place where God and man,
Can be in perfect accord,
A place to just sit quietly,
And listen to the Lord,

So come along with me, my friend,
If it’s spiritual growth you seek,
Let me show you my oasis,
At the little church by the creek.