Rush Creek is blessed to have so many people be a part of our faith community of different ages.  Below you will find a few quotes from different members and their experience of Rush Creek:

  • “I had been looking for a church for some time.  I had visited many churches in the area.  When I arrived and visited Rush Creek it simply felt like home.  I have found a place to seek God and share that journey with others.”  Rush Creek adult
  • “I have appreciated that Rush Creek provides room to ask questions about faith and work through my struggles without feeling inferior.  This is a church that leaves space to grow as a Christian.”  Rush Creek adult
  • “I like it when the pastor asks me to take the oil lamp down to the front when worship begins.  I feel special.”  Rush Creek child
  • “I think the church really likes it when the youth participate.  They want us to be involved in worship and in service.”  Rush Creek youth