Mustard Seed Project – Gifts to Empower the Future

What is the Mustard Seed Project?

  • A desire to reduce the tenure of our building note
  • A financial strategy to reduce the debt on our buildings
  • A desire to pay two additional principal payments each year on the building debt to reduce the time we pay on the note
  • Two additional principal payments each year will reduce the tenure of the note by six months

How are Members and Friends being asked to contribute?

  • The church recognizes gifts to the general operating budget and regular payments of the building debt as primary
  • The quest of the Mustard Seed Project is an invitation to make an additional contribution over and above your normal giving to help reduce the principal owed on the building note
  • We believe that our collective over and above gifts will aid us in lessening the time we make on our monthly payments

What is our goal with the Mustard Seed Project?

  • Our goal is to make two payments of $10,000/year
  • This is an overall goal of $20,000 a year
  • This is a Board approved goal for Rush Creek

What is included in the financing our building note?

  • The newest building of our facility, the Lord’s House Family Life Center, is the primary part of the note.
  • A portion of the Sanctuary and Classroom debt was also included in the note when the Lord’s House Family Life Center was completed

How do I make a gift to the Mustard Seed Project?

  • Please mark any contribution made to the church with the designation of “Debt Reduction” on your check or gift.
  • A gift can be made to the Mustard Seed Project at any time of the year.
  • Every time the fund reaches a total of $10,000 an extra payment will be made toward our debt reduction or our account balance as it stands in this fund will be donated by the end of May each year.

A Statement of Thanks
Rush Creek is very grateful for the multitude of talents and gifts that exist in our church. We appreciate and are thankful for any gift that can go to empower our future ministry with vitality and hope.