Rush Creek is blessed with the generosity of its members. The annual giving of members and guests provide a strong foundation for the outreach, ministry life, and facility support to create a healthy ministry in our congregation. We invite families and individuals to consider giving to the church in two specific ways.

1) The Operating Fund — this funds supports our outreach, programs & ministries, and facility upkeep. We rely on consistent giving on a monthly basis to maintain good health throughout the year.

2) The Building Fund — this funds the payment on our building note; we recently completed a Family Life Center. We make monthly payments on this note and gifts are greatly appreciated to help us stay current with our payments.

We also believe that giving comes from heart. We make no requirements on what people should give. At the same time we encourage people to grow in their giving. We place our money where our heart is found. The consistent and faithful giving is what gives a church strength to minister to all in Christ’s name.