Being a Steward of God’s Mission

As part of God’s church, each of us is a steward. We are entrusted with the task of building up the Kingdom of God through our words and actions. The Christian community is a combination of giving and receiving. Each person is called to give so the church, community, and world can be transformed. At the same time, each person will receive from the church many blessings of care, nurture, faith development, and meaningful relationships. The church is a place to discover how God’s presence through Jesus Christ is made most real for you.

The Christian community is most Christ-like when we allow our hearts and souls to be shared. Numerous people in the church can share with you what the church has meant to them, and this is because of what they have contributed in time, talent, and money. We believe that the Christian person is called to give his or her best with what he or she has, tell others to do the same, and leave the results in the hands of God.

Rush Creek Christian Church is a place blessed with so many gifts spread across the life of the church. We hope you will share your gifts with us so the church of Jesus Christ will be strengthened.

Stewardship is a word in this church that means much more than one’s gift of money though that is important. One’s understanding of stewardship in the church expands to all aspects of church and community life. Below are some of the ways we live stewardship in the church:

Stewardship of Self – knowledge of yourself so that you can share the gift within you, and at the same time knowing self in such a way to be challenged to grow in areas you have not considered
Stewardship of Time – knowing the value of what you give to the church. Utilize your time so you live out the mission of the church: maybe this is done with outreach, worship, planning important ministries
Stewardship of Creation – we are called and entrusted with God’s creation. We set the tone for how we respect all that is around us
Stewardship of Sabbath – everyone needs time for renewal and focus on God. Take time to fill your soul with the power and presence of God. Make time for family and friends in your life.
Stewardship of Community – when we gather as a church, we are more than just a group of individuals. We become a united voice of love and grace to each other and the world. Our task is to share with others to mirror what Christ has taught us
Stewardship of Resources – making the best use of our money, time, and talent. The goal is to know our passion and share it to bring ourselves and others joy and fulfillment

These models of stewardship provide a framework to enrich our faith and strengthen our connection to God. We seek at Rush Creek to foster an environment where these forms of stewardship are not only talked about but also consistently lived.