Contacts for Church Leadership and Ministry

Church Officers
Moderator                                           Mark Bethany
Vice-Moderator                                 Jeanette Martin
Treasurer                                              Anna Lee Caudry
Secretary                                              Judy Gassiot
Historian                                              Nancy Hodges

Chair of the Elders                             Kathy Winter

Chairs of the Deacons
1st Service                                           Shane Ferrell
2nd Service                                         Crystal Lanphier

Nethinims                                             Mark Bethany

Committee/Ministry Leaders
Worship                                                Don Wharry
Adult Education                                 Vic Taylor
Children’s Education                        Sue McCue
Family Life                                           Nicki Lobdell/Shirley Jinkins
Women’s Ministry                             Elisa Juarez
Men’s Ministry                                    Fred Johnston
Food Ministry                                     Cynthia Williams
Wellness Ministry                              Carol King
Property                                                Terry and Deanna Cox

Outreach Programs

  • Arlington Life Shelter                       Karen Meachum
  • Meals on Wheels                                 Jo Carolyn McVeigh
  • Victory Over Violence                    Vicki Davis and Kristin Burrow
  • Drip Irrigation Ministry                 Jon Fripp
  • Equal Exchange                                  Isabell Fripp/Valeska Fripp
  • Community Garden                          Betty Knight, Camille Knight, Valeska Fripp,Emily Smith and Kristin Burrow
  • Juliet Fowler Worship                     Micki Rice
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Fry               Grant Smith