“Celebrating Children and Youth”

Our church is blessed with many children and youth being a part of ministries for those age groups.  We also are truly blessed with all the adults that assist, help, with both of these ministries.  We are also very fortunate to have Valeska and Derek with their energy and talents working with the young people of our congregation.

We are currently seeing a vibrant attendance in both children and youth at our church right now.  We have about 30 children involved in our Children’s Ministry, and we also have about 30 youth involved in our Youth Ministry.  That is 60 young people from nursery through 12th grade.  We celebrated a fantastic VBS toward the end of July with an average of 80 children involved each day.  Many of our youth were helpers and volunteers during that week, too.  I get excited to see all these young people being engaged in the church and learning about God’s love, the ministry of Jesus, and our work to share that message to all in our community and world.

None of this is possible without dedicated volunteers.  We have youth sponsors, Sunday School teachers/helpers, children’s church leaders, church camp counselors/stewards, and many that help behind the scenes.  When it comes to children and youth it takes a village to create an environment of trust and learning.  I am grateful for the help, time, and gifts that so many people give.

Valeska and Derek give not only their time but more importantly their hearts to this vital work in our church.  I am grateful for each of them and what they do help encourage our young people in their faith journey and connection to Rush Creek.

We will soon be coming up on a new school year.  We are always open to new people joining one of these two ministries to support the children and youth of our church.  There are many ways to be involved if you desire or are willing to give it a chance.  There is nothing like investing in a child for our future in the church and in our communities.

It brings my heart joy when I see the children and youth of our church invite their friends to come be a part of children or youth activities.  Each invitation is an endorsement of a place that is safe, fun, and worth their time to be there.  Our mission is to teach the love of God through Christ.  An invitation into that world can be a blessing that cannot be measured.

I would encourage all of us to do two things:

  • Offer words of encouragement and love to the children and youth of our church. Your words of love can make all the difference.  Let them know they are a very important part of our church family.
  • Offer words of gratitude to our staff and volunteers who work with our children and youth. What they do is a labor of love and need encouragement from us, too.

Let us give thanks for the joy we have at Rush Creek for our Children’s and Youth Ministries.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Dr. Christopher Wilson