Below is a prayer for you to read and receive from Rush Creek during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Eternal and loving God,

Out of the noisy world of endless choices and difficult decisions we seek a quiet place to be renewed.  In this time of prayer and devotion grant us a receptive spirit to sense your unending love and grace.  Over and over again, Lord, you have revealed your true self to us along our journey of life: in the beauty and wonder of your creation, in victories of light over darkness, of goodness over evil, and of love over hate.  Our cup overflows with the strength of knowing we cannot be separated from your presence.

Knowing you are near and attentive, we also bring to you our weaknesses: sins to be forgiven, fears to be minimized, anxieties to overcome, and discouragements to be driven away.  Loving God, when our reservoirs our dry, bring the rain of your spirit; when our hearts are breaking, offer to us harmony; from the fallen leaves from our tree of life, feed us the renewal of springtime to encourage new growth.  In these moments of prayer and reflection move us from these places of confusion and doubt to a spirit of hope and vision once more.

Give us courage to stand tall in moments when we need human bravery in the midst of difficult situations.  Forgive us when we abuse the powers granted to us for our own gain.  May we fight in faith for righteousness, moral character, social welfare, and peace within our world.

Grant us faith to overcome the powers of this world.  We are to be transformed by you rather than being conformed to the things of this world.  Let us live with a renewed sense of purpose to our faith and our relationship to you.

Loving God our prayers sometimes are too deep for words.  You alone know the longing of our unspoken prayers and hearts.  Set us again on a path of truth.  We need your guidance and comfort.  In the complexity of our world, help us find our way.  All this we pray not according to our way but your way.  All this we pray to be rich in relationship rather than rich in selfish gain.  Lord, minister to us this day in the deep places of our heart.  This prayer is offered to you in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.