About RCCC Youth:

Chi Rho is a denominational name (from the first two letters of Christ in greek) for our 6th-8th grade youth.

CYF is a denominational name (Christian Youth Fellowship) for our 9th-12th grade youth.

Youth is the word we use in communication for both groups combined.

Chi Rho have two retreats a year and a mission trip each summer.                                                                                                                           

  • Chi Rho summer camp is for those who have completed 6th-7th grade and explores relationships and expressions of faith.
  • 8th graders go to Eighter’s camp which is a national curriculum about human sexuality.
  • Chi Rho Crash is a Tuesday and Thursday get together during the summer at which they build relationships with one another, play games, help at the church, or do service projects in the community.

CYF  have two retreats a year and a mission trip each summer.

  • 9th graders go to Niners Conference for summer camp and learn spirituality and church leadership.
  • 10th-12th graders go to CYF Conference for camp.
  • Bible study on Wednesday nights during the school year is called Stress Free Wednesday.
  • There is one Movie Night a month in the summer.

Youth Night is the term for Sunday evening gatherings that occur as often as the calendar allows.  There is a supper, for which we ask $3 to help offset costs, singing, playing, learning, sharing, and serving.

Youth lead worship for the entire congregation twice a year.

  • They also gather at 9:45am on Sundays for announcements and fellowship and then split into classes by group.  
  • They have a service activity or fundraiser each month (sometimes both).