Rush Creek has OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAparticipated in a drip irrigation ministry since 2007.  This unique ministry has had a powerful impact on lives around the world.

A safe, consistent and reliable food supply is a universal need. In many parts of the world, buying food from the neighborhood
grocery store is not an option. People must grow their own food if they want to eat. Plants need water, but in many areas, rainfall is unreliable and irrigation water is limited. Drip Bucket Irrigation can be implemented on a household or home compound
level to increase crop yield and reduce water usage. This simple but powerful technology involves gravity fed irrigation lines that convey water to individual food plants. There are no moving parts in this is easy to maintain and operate irrigation system. These systems can be packaged as kits and have been used by a variety of secular and religious groups as part of development and mission work. Two kits can be carried in a small field pack and can provide irrigation to feed a family for five for seven yearDrip Irrigation Africas.

Various North Texas faith based communities have participated in this Drip Bucket Irrigation assembly effort since 2007. To date, almost 1100 kits have been assembled and distributed. Both religious and secular aid groups have used these simple irrigation kits in the United States and around the world as part of their aid work. In many areas, the kits that have been provided through these efforts have grown into small cottage industries where locals are manufacturing, selling and expanding their use of drip irrigation technology. These kits have been used in many countries around the world. Jon Fripp, of Rush Creek Christian Church, is our primary contact who leads the effort of our Drip Irrigation Ministry. Jon is a Civil Engineer who has been involved with development work in over a dozen countries both as a professional and as a volunteer. A demonstration garden in on site at the church where these kits are used to provide water all year. All people who have experience or just interest in outreach working the developing world are encouraged to join this effort and network about their experiences.