Outreach Overview at Rush Creek Christian Church

Serving others is vital to our identity as Christians. We follow the example of Jesus who constantly responded to the needs of people and circumstances around him. Reaching out to others was a way for him to reflect God’s love to the world through kindness, compassion, and attention.

The Outreach Ministry has informally adopted a lens by which we chose and engage ministry with others outside the membership of the church. The lens helps us not lose sight of the various ways we connect with people. The lens is simply this- “local, denominational, global”. We all respond to needs differently and with different passions.

The other important aspect of our outreach ministry is to look for causes that can be sustainable over time. An image that is helpful simply states, “We are not to fish for people, but teach others to fish for themselves.” Our quest is to enable people and empower them in their life’s journey. Additionally, we want to communicate God’s presence and Christ’s love through our prayers, efforts, and compassion.

Rush Creek Christian Church Outreach Partners

“God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7