Handbell Choir Opportunities at Rush Creek

Adult Handbell Choir

This group meet on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm in the choir room.  They will play for worship on a semi-regular basis.  This handbell choir is led by the director of the Adult Choirs.  This handbell group is open to any that want to share in the music ministry of church by playing a handbell.  It is a great way to learn and share music to God’s glory.  It is also a great way to join in fellowship with others in the church.

Daybell Choir

This group meet Monday mornings at 10:00am.  This group also plays on a semi-regular basis for worship.  This group is a bit more advanced in the playing of bells and is led by one of the group members.  This is a great group to strengthen music skills, share those skills to God’s glory, and create meaningful friendships.