Rush Creek will have two parts to our Maundy Thursday evening.  You can attend both or just one.  Both parts of the evening follow one another.

Part 1 — Symbolic Seder Meal 6:00pm — we will gather in the Lord’s House Family Life Center to experience a symbolic Seder meal.  This will not be a regular meal.  The Seder is a way to recall and remember the heritage of our faith for those who experience the release of God’s people from slavery into freedom.  The foods and symbols of this meal are a wonderful way to learn the meaning and strength of the Passover.

Part 2 — Maundy Thursday Service 7:00pm — we will be in the sanctuary for a service that focuses on the Lord’s Supper (the final meal Jesus shared with his disciples).  The service will include music, prayer, scripture, a hand washing ritual, and communion.  This is a very meaningful and favorite service of Rush Creek.